About Us

Backpack Blessings is a food ministry based in Monroe County, Indiana. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on providing weekly backpacks of food to school children in our area. Currently we serve students Edgewood Jr High, Edgewood High, and Seven Oaks Classical School.


Our goal is to bridge the gap for children from food insecure homes by providing food items the children can prepare for themselves, over the weekend. We work with area schools to provide us the number of children who need served, and we deliver to each school, without ever knowing the children or homes served.

Since we strive to deliver items that children will not need assistance preparing, we have a specific list of food items which we find most useful to meet our weekly needs. We also greatly appreciate monetary donations to help provide food items and cover operational needs.

Each holiday season, we provide each family a basket with the supplies needed to prepare a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Special fundraising events areĀ  held each fall to support this activity.